So what’s it all about?


This is a Website / Blog to describe my trip around the American Great Loop.  It is a work in process and will be amended and augmented from time to time. The American Great Loop, or "The Loop",is a series of waterways that allows a traveler to circumnavigate the Eastern United States and portions of Canada.  Select "The Loop" above for a more information. "The Boat" link above describes M/V ENDEAVOR my PDQ 34 foot powered catamaran. Stopping along the way to enjoy the country side, the trip will take about a year to complete and for much of it I will be single handed. Interested friends will be joining me along the way to keep me from having to talk to myself too much. The "Schedule" link provides an ever changing schedule and the "Guest" link provides guests with a better feel of what to expect. The "Progress" link provides a progress map. Lastly, the "Blog" contains posts at various intervals providing current location and a few experiences.  This is where you will find pictures taken along the way.


One is not successful in their endeavors to make dreams reality without the support and encouragement of loved ones, friends and competent professional service organizations. My thanks and Gratitude go out to the following: My wife, Jill who I believe would have named the boat "Endurance", "Patience", or "That *&$#@^%$ Boat" has given me unconditional support and encouragement not to mention hours of travel time and boat searching.  Thanks Love. Thanks to my friends for their support, encouragement, and hopefully their company along the way. america-great-loop-cruisers-logoIn their words, the America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association "is an organization of people who share a sense of adventure and a curiosity about America's Great Loop." and who's "primary purpose is to disseminate information and enhance the overall experience for those learning about, dreaming of, as well as exploring and safely cruising --America's Great Loop." In my brief exposure to this organization I have found them true to their purpose, they are good folks.  Their member community is exceptional. Thanks! curtis-stokes-logo These days it seems rare to find a service company that goes beyond the services that usually defines their basic practice.  Curtis Stokes and Associates is one of those companies.  In particular my thanks go out to Rob Dorfmeyer who has not only helped me define and locate my "perfect boat", he has provided invaluable insight on financing, insurance, boat characteristics, best practices in boating, and a host of other related issues. Thanks to Curtis Stokes for his support of the Americas' Great Loop Cruisers Association and especially his personal involvement and guidance through the process of finding a boat. Sterling Logo Thanks to Cindy Lewis with Sterling Associates for fielding way too many questions and for her flawless performance in arranging financing.   lighthouse. logo ccys Being new to "big boy" boating I asked Chris and Alyse with Captain Chris Yacht Services to live aboard a few days and give us the benefit of their superb experience. They provided us with significant information regarding maintenance, navigation, and overall best practices for handling a cruising boat including docking, locking, and bridges.  As a bonus they were great shipmates, we enjoyed their company very much.  Thanks Guys! Happy Sailing John